Faculty of Commerce ( Arabic Division )

Duration of study to obtain a bachelor's degree is (4) years (each year divided into 2 semesters ).

 Conditions of registration, conversion and equivalence

1. To be admitted in the college, the student must have a high school certificate or its equivalent. Admission is in accordance with the system established by the Supreme Council of Universities and according to the distribution conducted by the Central Office for the Coordination of Admission of Universities.

2 - The duration of study to obtain a bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Commerce is (4) years and each year consists of two semesters. The duration of each semester is fifteen weeks. Each semester shall have its own exam, provided that the results of the academic year are the result of the two semesters.

3 - General study during the first three grades and the specialization will be in the fourth one.

4 - The student must enter the course exam after having practical applications and the attendance ratio must be not less than 75% of the total hours of applications. The Council of the College, upon the request of the Council of the relevant scientific departments, shall issue a decision to deprive the student of applying for the exam in courses where the attendance rate is not met unless the student presents an excuse accepted by the College Council.