English Language Division

About the English Language Division

The English Language Division was established at the faculty upon the Ministerial Resolution No. 95 of 1996 under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud El Kashef, Dean of the Faculty at that time, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Anas Gafar, Vice President for Beni Suef branch at the time. Courses are in English, according to their own teaching systems and standards.

 Procedures and Requirements for Admission to the English Language Division

1. The student shall be nominated first through the Coordination Office for Admission of the College or through the Central Conversion Office if he has received the minimum rate accepted by the College.

2 - The student with the card of the dissection [or receipt of the central transfer office] + copy of secondary school certificate must go to students affairs of the first grade to withdraw the enrollment envelope in English Division and he must get 80% in English [without the degree of advanced level].

3. The required number of students will be selected after their ranking according to the total number of grades in addition to the English language and the advanced level of English language [if any]. A number of places will be assigned to both the scientific and literary divisions to suit the number of applicants for the English language group.

4 - A number of places are allocated to the students of the equivalent certificate when they announce the result of their coordination provided they get 80% in English.

5- Declaring the result of acceptance with the start of the study.

6. The student shall pay the tuition fees determined by the Supreme Council of Universities within four days from the date of the declaration of the names of admissions. Otherwise, their admission shall be considered canceled.

Fees may not be refunded after payment