Center for Financial and Commercial Studies

About the Center

The Center for Financial and Commercial Studies was established on July 22, 1997 as a special unit , under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud El Kashef, Dean of the Faculty and Prof. Dr. Hassanein Obaid, Vice President of Beni Suef Branch at the time.
The center provides all the professional and research activities required by the university community, including students, faculty members of the administrative staff. The center also serves Beni Suef town and the north of Upper Egypt by providing its services to them. 

The Center's family consists of faculty members at the Faculty of Commerce, who form a distinguished group of different commercial specialties. The center also uses the university  other specialties that may be required by some activities

 Board of Directors of the Center
1- Dr. Abdulrahman Ahmed Mohamed Selim,  Dean of the College and Chairman of the Board

2- Dr. Ahmed Abdel Wahab Hassan, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Vice Chairman of the Board

3- Prof. Hamed Snoussi, Professor at Accounting Department and the center Manager 

4- Dr. Ibrahim Abdel-Hafeez, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

5- Prof. Shaaban Yousef Mobarez, Professor at Accounting Department

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Ahmed Ali, Professor at Accounting Department,  Member

  The Center consists of the following:

First: the computer unit
         There are 2 computer labs and 125 personal computers. The Center organizes training courses for students of the college on the use of computers at nominal prices and provides all programs that develop the skills of students and employees.

Second: ICDL Testing Laboratory:
      The laboratory is accredited by the European institution ICDL with international specifications and it can accommodate 20 students.
  The most important activities of the Center include the following:

 First Computer:
- International Computer License ICDL.
MSOffice Group.
- Maintenance of one day.

Second Accounting Programs:
- Protocol of cooperation between the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Banking Institute and Beni Suef University.
- Professional financial accountant PFA.
- Electronic accounting and circulation.
Advanced Excel.
- Quick Books program.
- Financial analysis and valuation of shares.

Third: Various programs:
- English Language .
- Basics of dealing in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
- Marketing.
- Human Resource Development .