Financial Affairs

Vision of Financial Affairs Administration 

The General Administration of Administrative and Financial Affairs hopes, through its endeavor to achieve each of its mission and objectives, to reach the ultimate goal of the university which is graduating male and female students who are scientifically qualified to contribute to the service of the country through scientific research that contributes to the development of what serves religion and the country

Mission of Financial Affairs Administration 

Raising the level of job performance by developing the employee to keep pace with the latest developments in a scientific and practical manner that supports the interest of work, by setting clear policies and systems for administrative and financial works and the method of their implementation.

Objectives and tasks of Financial Affairs Administration 

1- Developing the administrative and financial work method in the college and university.
2- Spread the spirit of teamwork among employees within the Financial Affairs Administration .
3- Securing all the college's financial resources needs.
4 - Advancing the development of the college by investing its property to provide financial sums that contribute to the development of the college and the university academically, administratively and technically.
5- Working on finding and developing financial funds for college and university projects.
6- Raising and improving the level of employee performance by providing training and learning opportunities.