Youth Care

Vision of the Youth Care Administration

The administration aspires to be a forum in which students meet to practice their activities and hobbies, a center for competition among activity students, and a haven in which students find highly qualified specialists to study their problems and work to find appropriate solutions.

Mission of Youth Care Administration

Developing students' abilities to face problems in their academic lives, which helps them overcome these problems and difficulties that hinder their regularity in studying, serving students in social, cultural and sports terms, and providing the appropriate environment for students to practice activities as well as developing their talents and occupying their free time in meaningful educational activities and the development of the spirit of fair competition among them through the practice of activities

Goals and tasks of Youth Care Administration

1- Developing relationships and social interaction among students, and among students, faculty members and employees, and strengthening the bonds of friendship among all members of the college family, through three main sections: trips and camps - social service - student activities.

2- Developing youth in all mental, physical and social aspects, in addition to acquiring some technical and cultural scouting skills and the field of environmental service.

3 - Developing the artistic sense of students, developing and refining talents, and preparing the environment to launch students' artistic creations.

4- Participation in various activities through the college's families and the activities and programs implemented by the administration in order to refine and develop students' skills and spread the spirit of cooperation among them.

5- Promoting the students’ intellect and culture, developing young talents in the cultural, literary and scientific fields, and linking young people to the issues of their society and country.

The student union is formed annually from college students by way of election and it consists of the following committees chaired by Prof. Dr. / Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and General Coordinator of Students Union .

1. Cultural Committee
2. Social Committee
3. Sports Committee
4. Ranger Committee
5. Artistic Committee
6. Families Committee

the college, thanks to its students and the guidance and encouragment of faculty members, achieves many advanced centers at the university level in various cultural, artistic and sports activities.

Social Solidarity Fund:

The fund aims to achieve social security for students in various fields, it also contributes in the implementation of student services, and works to reduce the problems faced by students and prevent them from continuing their studies due to financial incomes deficit.

Fund social services:

The fund participates in achieving the same goals of social solidarity fund, and it gets its resources from donations given to the College from the organizations or individuals as a contribution to reduce the financial burden on students and provide better services necessary for the educational process, the following funds are involved in achieving the same purpose.
- Oriented Affiliation Fund
- Educational Services Fund.
- Raising the efficiency of educational services fund .-
- Education Development Fund.

Procedures for obtaining student subsidy of the Solidarity and social services fund

1. Getting a Social research form from Youth Care Department of the college

2. A Copy of the family card of the student's guardian

3. All documents that prove the eligibility of a student to get the appropriate subsidy .